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Roll-up Keyboard for Tablet Computers: Would It Be Awesome for Writers?


I like to keep an eye out for potential devices that improve the writing, or the portable writing, experience.  This one, a roll-up keyboard, sounded impressive: LG Rolly Keyboard for the tablet computer.  However, the review on The Verge seems to pop that bubble.  According to that site, it sounds like the area where the batteries are and the magnetic keys down the sides get in the way.

I can get used to different-sized keyboards.  For example, it took me a little bit to get used to the smaller keyboard that comes with my tablet, but I’m not even 70% percent sure I could make my tablet computer my main writing computer.  It isn’t as comfortable as a laptop keyboard or a desktop keyboard over long periods of time, and face it, that’s what writers need: something that will put with a lot and not make us put with a lot.

Anyway, LG’s Rolly keyboard is tech to keep an eye on.  Maybe once it comes down in price (it’s not too far off the price of my tablet) and after the bugs are worked out, I’d check it out.  Until then, I’ll make do with what I’ve got.  What about my fellow writers?  Or tablet users?