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Stress Management Advice from Laura Ingalls Wilder


Stress Management Laura Ingalls Wilder (Image by Unsplash)During the 61 Mile Yard Sale of 2015 (which I spent more than I should during), I picked up some great books on Laura Ingalls Wilder and related folk.  Thanks to my ADHD/ADD, I tend to obsess on a topics for brief but furious amounts of time.  While it is not a full-fledged obsession, I have been watching Little House on the Prairie TV show episodes and reading a lot of the Laura Ingalls Wilder nonfiction I picked up and some of the fiction I hoarded over the years.

Just like I felt the books were a serendipitous find, I feel the following quote from Little Town on the Prairie was particularly meant for me at this time.

“I don’t see how anybody can be prepared for anything,” said Laura.  “When you expect something, and then something else always happens.”

“No,” Ma said.  “Even the weather has more sense in it than you seem to give it credit for.  Blizzards come only in a blizzard country.  You may be well prepared to teach school and still not be a schoolteacher, but if you are not prepared, it’s certain that you won’t be.”

This scene is soothing for someone who is starting to feel some stress symptoms, mostly over changes looming on the horizon like that aforementioned, unexpected blizzard in Little Town.  You would think an ADD/ADHD person would be able to handle change well; after all, don’t such folk flit from one thing to another?  Isn’t that a sign of ADHD/ADD?

But change still stresses me, and Caroline “Ma” Ingalls’s advice is probably the best method for stress management: be prepared.  I don’t do well thinking on my feet.  I don’t do well with surprises.  My ADHD/ADD may growl at preparations, but I think I am motivated enough to try.

What about you?  What do you think of this Little House quote?  What do you think works best for stress management?