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Reflections on As a Man Thinketh (Blog Post and Booklet Links)


free pdf booklet; reflections on james allen's as a man thinketh by j lynn ralstonBlog Note:  I just recently finished As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.  As part of my program to use what I learn, I decided to write down some of my strongest reflections on this work, some of what I have been doing or getting out of it.  I share that content as a blog post below, but I also have created a “prettified version,” a PDF, as well.  If you prefer the PDF, you can find it here or on my Books Page on this Scholar for Life blog.  I welcome any thoughts you have on Thinketh or my booklet.

Thank you!

J. Lynn Ralston



This is not the first time I read As a Man Thinketh, nor will it be the last. The first time I read it, years ago, I wasn’t ready for it. The second time I was laying the ground work without realizing it: I had already been changing myself and seeing and feeling the differences. This book helped me understand why my efforts were working and encouraged me to stay on the right track.

That is why I want to share with you what I learned. I hope this blog post (or booklet) will inspire you to read the original work (which can be found here on Project Gutenberg), and hearten you if you do not see immediate impact. Instead, keep working on yourself and return to Thinketh again, and like me, you may be surprised to see what wakes up inside you.

Let me know how it, and this booklet, works for you by commenting on this blog post!


Central Idea of Thinketh

 So here is the main point of the book: Your conscious and unconscious thoughts shape your character, circumstances, and even physical health. By working on your thoughts, you can change yourself; you can become what you want to be and have what you want to have.

This is not an easy process. It involves controlling your thoughts and paying attention to their impact on your life and on the lives of others. After all, as the book points out, you get out of life what your efforts earn.

Here are few efforts, pulled from the book and reflected upon, to reap positive results from your life:

  1. Input positive things into your life.
  2. Think good, positive things, and your life will change because of them, for they influence your actions and your circumstances.
  3. Have visions for different areas of your life, and focus on them so they guide your life.

These three points will be explored in separate sections below.