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Positivity on the Web: Being Busy, Having Energy


be a busy bee with fulfilling activitiesHuffington Post had an interesting article on traits of positive people.  The tip that sticks with me is being busy with fulfilling activities.  This does help, because it makes me feel like I’m going somewhere and that I can handle where I am going.  It boosts confidence, and high confidence improves not only the work you are doing but your attitude toward work.

And related to the above, this post from The Psychology of Wellbeing had some ways to increase your energy levels so you can tackle more.  I know my ADD/ADHD is better when I get more sleep (though I like to curl up like a Shih-Tzu or cat for 10 hours or more, lol.), but I think the best tip is about working more with your strengths.  Doing something you enjoy, doing these fulfilling activities, gives you more energy and leaves you feeling better and accomplished afterward.

So today’s positivity on the web is about doing fulfilling work and how to find ways to have more energy to do it.


The question is, can it help with the idea doldrums, too?  It won’t directly alleviate the doubts that surge in the day after a good idea strikes, but keeping at the idea, working to make it reality, can create its own energy that will make it easier to keep going.