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Daily Motivational: Action Begins with Goals!


Action begins with setting goals

Quote: “To take action, you have to begin somewhere, and setting goals is the best place to start.”  (Julio Melara, It Only Takes Everything You’ve Got!)

Thought: Action begins with a goal.  Set one and see where it takes you.


Moving from Learning to Doing


Don't wait! Start your ideas!

A few days ago, I finished a great book, one that focuses on hard work to create success and motivates you to do just that.   It Only Takes Everything You’ve Got!: Lessons for a Life of Success by Julio Melara.

Yes, there is a nice sense of completion from finishing a good book and learning from it.

But part of learning is doing, especially for me, as an ADD/ADHD person.  Some things stick through reading–

More through taking notes, especially by hand–

Even more by sharing the information–

But most comes from using the knowledge gained.

This weekend, it’s time to review my notes and start making an action plan.  After all, you can have a million ideas (my favorite part), but you need a few “dos” or your ideas won’t take you far.