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Starting Your Morning Off Right: FIFO Positivity


starting your morning off right fifo motivation - sunrise pictureFIFO means first in, first out.  It’s a term I learned way back in my accounting courses.  Oldest inventory is sold first, according to the books (not necessarily reality).  What does it have to do with motivation and positivity?  Well, first of all, reading about GIGO on this post made me think of FIFO.  Second of all, it has to do with how you start your day and the question of its impact.  Can the first inputs into our day be the thing that guides our day and sets its tone?

How do I start off my morning?  I generally cruise the internet, looking at forums or reddit or Google+.  While this isn’t bad, what happens if I shift that to something more positive?  Like reading or listening to something motivational or improving?  Or what if I change that to setting goals and priorities for the day?

I’m going to experiment on this for a while and see what difference the first input of the day makes.  Starting, well, tomorrow 🙂