Confidence: The Bottom Rises With You

The Bottom Rises With You (image from

The Bottom Rises With You (image from Site)

I find the America Ninja Warrior TV show inspirational, not only because of the individual stories of hard work and triumph . . .

nor because of how supportive the contestants are of each other . . .

nor because of how the show makes me feel capable of improving my own fitness.

No, I also find it inspirational because it can be a good, visual metaphor for confidence.

You see, I used to subscribe to the belief of not getting my hopes up too high, because if I fall or fail, I fall far, hard.  But I’m discovering the opposite is true if you work on your general confidence levels.  It’s like that obstacle at the end of ANW, the spider climb.  For safety reasons, the bottom rises as contestant climbs higher.  This is to cushion their fall.

If you work on your confidence, your confidence becomes like that end-game obstacle.  The bottom rises with you.  Failing doesn’t hurt as much.  You don’t fall as hard.

All of that makes it easier to try again next time.